Friday, June 21, 2013

Noodle Free Lasagna Recipe

Mama Murphy's Noodle Free Lasagna

I must say I don't give myself 100% credit for this since I did see a picture of a lasagna made with thinly sliced zucchini on Pinterest. I didn't however look at the recipe so I cannot give complete credit to that person either. :)
This recipe is a PERFECT way to sneak veggies into your kid's (or husband's) diet! This recipe is 75% veggies, 12.5% meat, and 12.5% cheese. I chose the healthier versions of both the meat and cheese and it was DELISH! My husband had seconds and the monkey at it ALL! Definitely going to be looking for more recipes with veggie substitutions. :)
Ingredients/ Shopping List
3 Zucchinis - (Could use Spaghetti Squash! Trying that next time) 
One small container of Part Skim Ricotta Cheese
Reduced Fat Parmesan Cheese
One Onion (white or sweet yellow)
Baby Portebella Mushrooms
Olive Oil
Turkey Sausage
One Large Can of Organic Crushed Tomatoes
Italian Seasoning
Minced Garlic
Any additional seasonings you think you'll need!
A large skillet
9x13 pan
Aluminum Foil
Cheese Grater
Large Bowl
Basic Kitchen Utensils
Stove & Oven
1. Preheat Oven to 375.
2. Cut Turkey Sausage out of casings and cook on medium heat. Season if desired. While this is cooking wash and shred your zucchinis. Be CAREFUL! Cheese graters are sharp!
***TIP: Put the end of the grater in a large bowl so that while you shred you can deal with less of a mess ***
3. Continue monitoring the turkey sausage. Dice the mushrooms and onion. Use as much as you like!
4. Mix the entire container of Ricotta Cheese and a cup of Parmesan Cheese together. After it's thoroughly mixed add Italian seasoning :)
5. Allow the Turkey Sausage to cool in a bowl. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan and toss in the onions, mushrooms, and a large dollop of garlic. Saute until onions sweat.
6. Prepare the 9x13. Add a layer of shredded zucchini thick enough that you can't see the bottom of the pan. (I used a glass pan, I'm not sure if a metal one would need any additional prepping)
7. Next pour a third of the can of crushed tomatoes on top. Spread gently to cover zucchini and sprinkle with seasonings.
8. Add the cheese layer next. Don't use all of it since you'll be adding more layers. This is tough since it's hard to spread, just blot if you need to :)
9. Crumble half the meat onto the cheese layer, top the crumbled meat with half of the sauteed mushrooms, onions, and garlic.
10. Repeat steps 6-9. Save enough zucchini and tomatoes to LIGHTLY coat the top. To finish off I sprinkled Parmesan cheese (you could use mozzarella) and feta, also dusted it with more Italian seasoning. :)
Bake at 375 for 50 minutes covered, and ten uncovered to make the top crispy :)
Please do not use this recipe as your own! :) If you make any variations let me know!
*** It was a little runny the first time around, but like most lasagna it was even more delicious the next day! ***

Friday, June 7, 2013

Back In Action

Today I finally feel... RELAXED.

The last couple weeks have been stressful, chaotic, and frustrating. But I think I can say I'm back to neutral. :)

I took a break from blogging, because every time I'd think about it I'd get frustrated and draw a blank on what to write. So, instead of being a bitter old coot I decided to let you guys only see the POSITIVES in my life.

I hate bringing others down, crushing any one's high on life.

You're welcome. ;)

With more calm, comes happiness!

This last week, June 3rd to be exact, I got my BMI and Body Fat % retested.

I was displeased, but glad that it changed. Progress is progress no matter how small!

Weight: 161 lbs. - down 4lbs

BMI: 26.4 - down 1 point

Body Fat: 26.3% - down 0.7%

I knew my eating habits were to blame. Period. The end.

In result, I got angry with myself and decided to put the fork down and get back to CLEAN eating.

I don't focus on calories. I focus now on the MAKE-UP of food. The Macros. Fats. Carbs. and Lean Protein. I want VERY little fats in my food, except the healthy fats like bananas and avocados. I don't eat bread with dinner, but rather rice or no carbs at all. Just meats and veggies and fruit!

I haven't starved myself and still find it EXTREMELY hard not to overeat...

Since Monday, five days of clean eating, no alcohol, no cheats, I am down to 158. 3lbs. Holy moly.

Now granted I'm not an expert. And this may not work for everyone, but this is working for ME. If at any point I feel bored or tired of this type of eating, I will change it. I am proud of myself for not having ice cream or a scoop of peanut butter and THAT IS WHY I DO IT.

To feel good about ME.

To feel spectacular in my own skin.

It's important. :)

My exercise has been relatively the same. But instead of cranking out a couple miles a day, I've slowed it down and started doing more HIIT (high intensity interval training) and walking uphill for 25 mins. Always wanting those #bunsofsteel. HA!

If you're not already, FOLLOW me on instagram. @margaretmurphy I post easy recipes, transformation pictures, workouts, and adorable pics of my offspring. Definitely a must have when I'm not posting on here! :)

Have a fun filled weekend!
Love Always,
Mama Murphy

Friday, May 24, 2013

Before Pics for 300 Challenge

My BEFORE the "300" 30 Day Challenge

This is what I'm looking for folks! You don't have to take all angles, but it's SO important to see progress on your BODY not the scale!

You may hate taking the before pictures, but you will love taking the afters. :)

ANY progress is good progress! :)

If you are joining us a little late (one day) :) Jump on the bandwagon and head over HERE to check out the 300 Ab challenge by The Petite Athleat.

I'm so excited to see every one's results if you're doing it with me!

Remember to eat low fat or fat free foods.

Stay away from pop and other bloating carbonated beverages!

AND do the challenge EVERYDAY! 15-20 mins y'all!

Have a great weekend everyone! This momma has to go get ready for her party tomorrow!!! :)
Mama Murphy

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keepin' It Real

Okay y'all I've been awful. I'm behind on homework. Have been eating junk. Had a slightly peeved attitude. And all I want to do is squeeze my little monkey.

This last week, all I want to do, besides go to the gym, is be a mom. Even though I stay at home, take care of all the chores I can, play with Mickey girl, go to the gym, and try to teach her new things, I feel like I'm never doing ENOUGH.

Thus, the break in blogging. I would rather be with her. Not worrying about anything but that little monkey and all the fun things I could do with her.

It stinks! I feel stressed and pulled in a few too many directions. So if I don't blog a lot it's because I love my family, sanity, and life too much.

I will still do updates on Facebook and Instagram (@margaretmurphy), but if I don't write a post know I'm still busting ass at the gym, trying to get a handle on my eating, loving my family, and attempting to figure out what I'm gonna do with my career.

All at 19 years old. No excuses right?!

On an excited note, I got my hairs did last night by Mrs. Kara! She is awesome at her job and in general! :) (If anyone in the Pensacola area, or my family coming to visit, wants her mad skills LET ME KNOW!)

I'm a blonde. One step closer to being a full fledged beach bum! :)

Nearly ready for this weekend's Memorial Day Party! :)

Brant loves it, he's fine with anything I do to my hair as long as I don't cut it or fry it and it falls out... HA!

TIP: Use a heat protectant and moisturizer everyday! I use the Moraccan Oil (from Walmart) and the FrizzEase Thermal Protectant (WalMart). I also use the 3-minute Miracle from Aussie. Kara (my stylist) told me that I should do a deep conditioning treatment of Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Leave it in for ten minutes and wash it out! Simple and NATURAL! :)

Workin IT!

Starting today I am doing a 30 day ab challenge called the "300". I am posting my flabby before pics tomorrow (maybe). I want everyone to join me!!! I would love to showcase some of you! So here's the deal...


2. Check out the moves.

3. Take BEFORE pics!

4. DO THE MOVES (takes 15 minutes)

5. Everyday! For 30 days.

6. Take after pics. Go to THIS PHOTO EDITOR SITE.

7. Do side by side photos and email them to me!!!

I will showcase EVERYONE who would like to be showcased! That means one SOLID post of before and after shots :) Everyone LOVES those.

What do you have to lose except INCHES! :)

Happy Busy Busy Thursday!!!
Flustered but HAPPY!

***Obviously this is not a workout that I created. I give full and complete credit to The Petit Athleat!***

Monday, May 20, 2013

Navy Federal 5k Recap!

I had an absolutely MARVELOUS weekend!


A lot of it goes to my husband, because he worked extremely hard all week, then....

Took me to MY favorite resturant, Olive Garden, to carb up.
Got me my favorite ice cream.
Woke up early on Saturday to cheer me on and take care of the little tyrant.
Took us all to the beach.
And Sunday spent all day at home devoted to his family and relaxing, only to round off the night taking me to pick out a movie at Redbox that I wanted to see...

He doesn't get enough credit. From anyone, including me. Even though we want to punch each other in the throats sometimes, we still have an enormous amount of love for one another, that I doubt could be paralleled.

I'll start with Friday night.

We made our way to Olive Garden, where I had the Spicy Shrimp Yummy Pasta. (Can't remember the last word. Started with a V.)

Light tomato sauce, spinach, shrimp, red peppers, tiny bit of bacon. Wasn't super spicy. New FAV!

Brant rolled his eyes when I took a picture of our food...

I only ate half and saved the rest for Saturday evening. YUMMY!

Then of course we stopped by Marble Slab and got some more yummies. Mickey got her first personal icecream from there, chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and marshmellows on top. We made a mess since we both eat chocolate like barbarians...

Brant is such a good photographer!

We shot home since she was on a very horrible sugar high and tired. Her and I jumped in the bubble bath. She quickly passed out, along with Daddy at 9:30.

And I started my race prep! :)

I layed out all that I would need.

Stretched long and slow.

And used a can of garbonzo beans to roll out my sore muscles since I don't have a foam roller.

I was asleep by 11:00ish, and up by 6:20.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I ate my breakfast. A bagel thin with peanut butter and bananas. Drank my Pro-Sculpt. and packed everything into the car. I had to wake up Mickey and shove food in her face and we were out the door!

This race wasn't as crowded as McGuire's which was WONDERFUL!

There were about 500 people doing the walk and run.

Before the race. About 75-80 out.

We lined up at the start line and pretty much just started running. :)

I finished my first mile in 8:34. Which was a little fast for me. I was already dripping sweat and rocking out to I Miss the Misery by Halestorm. I replayed that over and over during miles 1 & 2.

I was at mile marker 2 at 17ish minutes which made me confident! But I could feel the pain starting in my side. I knew I had started too fast. I should have held back in the beginning a little.

I ran past Brant & Michaela at about 2.5 miles. She was hysterical after I ran past. That girl I tell ya.

I'm so hot in my compression socks :)

The rest of the race really hurt. I knew I started to fast. I knew I should of held back but I HAD to finish strong. So the last straight away, with the finish line in front of me, I did what any insane person would do, SPRINT.
About a quarter mile maybe a little less.
I sprinted.
Thought about crying since my side hurt so bad.
But didn't.
Then I saw my time. 26:25 was flashing infront of me.
So for the next couple seconds I cursed and ran harder.

My final time was 26:32. I had made my goal. And that was ALL that mattered!

We stayed for the awards and I was surprised I got FIRST in my age group! 15-19. There were only 8 in that group but I was okay with that!

She loves Kitty Cats and chased this one EVERYWHERE!

I got a nice little coffee travel mug.

This might have happened afterwards... Nonfat, sugar free, Mocha iced coffee from The Drowsy Poet. :) I was in LOVE with the straw :)

I thought about crying here too... I started my running at 45 minutes doing a 5k. In March I weighed 180lbs and ran it in 30:11. And just Saturday I ran it in 26:32. Almost 19 whole minutes shaved off, and over 45lbs gone.

Riding my high :)

Every run I do I feel a little bit of pain. An ache. A cramp. A pull. But when I feel that I push harder. Not just because I am confident what my body can do, but because I know what my body HAS done. I enjoy pushing the limits. Feeling my body give into my heart. And making the changes I need in order to live a happy and full life.

I've set new goals. I do every single day. Today my goal is to go through the day without complaining about anything. And tomorrow I'll set a new one. For running though, I plan on hitting a 24:00, 5k. That's my next goal. I'm giving myself 2 months to do it. Not just because I'm confident what my body can do, but because I know what my body has done.

Have a Happy Monday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Surprise! TGIF! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

I am thrilled that it is FINALLY the weekend. This week has been a stressful one. Hubby's been working super hard, I've been mentally jacked by my Calculus II course, and Mickey had her bouts of whiney-ass.

But it's Friday! Which means it was BodyPump DAY!!!

Brant enjoyed (thought I was insane) when I did my happy dance this morning in my kick-butt tank from Ruffles With Love!

Coming to terms with the fact that I have the upper body of a linebacker and short legs with mean muscle :) Neanderthal? I think so.

Then he left for work and Short Stack and I headed to the gym to "play with the kids".

I tore it up, of course. In my head I did at least! :)

There is NO better feeling than sweat dripping from your elbows as you squat it out to some awesome music. Try it sometime!!!

After class I grabbed my granola bar and walked for 15 minutes, because this chick is running her SECOND 5k tomorrow!!! Woot! Woot!


I'm used to running 5k's now so I don't think I need a lot of race day prep, but here is a list of what I do do.

Night before:

Drink LOTS of water.

Eat a larger than my usual portion of CARBS.

Make the husband give me a massage. :)

Lay my clothes out for the race.

Stretch before bed.

Get EIGHT hours of sleep.

Race Day:

Eat a HEALTHY breakfast. With fruit, carbs, and protein.

Drink water like a fool!

Eat again 30 minutes before running.

Keep muscles warmed up by jogging in place, doing jumping jacks, running in circles.

PEE as close as you can to the start time! (no stopping to tinkle!)

Ignore the immediate race hype.

Set my pace. Set a goal.

During the Race:

Crank some tunes and jam out. :)

Drink when thirsty.

Focus on the horizon. AND a nice filling meal afterwards.

Check watch/phone occasionally. Don't get hung up on time.

My goal this race is to keep a 9 minute mile pace. Which is easy for me as long as I stay warm in the beginning. So that puts me at a goal of 25-27 minutes.

I never would have thought this girl still had so much farther she could go. Can't wait to see what I'll look like next year at this same race. :)

And to think I started at a 45 minute 5k in December. Moved onto a 30 minute 5k in March. And KNOW I can do a 27 minute 5k today.

You can do anything. All you have to do is start. :)
Have a happy, healthy weekend!!! :)
Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Hey y'all!

Spent my morning at the gym. (Big surprise)
Spin Class kicked my ass, so being crazy me I decided to do a quick ab and lower back workout afterwards.

I was almost finished with my workout and decided to do some more oblique work before calling it a day when I started feeling a pinch in my upper quad...


The last thing I need is injury!

I noticed that this only happens when I do a certain move/exercise.

I use 12lb dumbbells.
I absolutely love this move! So I tried it with zero weight and it continued to pinch. It felt like a nerve problem, but I have no idea.
My point is, no matter how much you love doing something, when you feel joint pain, nerve pain, or any kind of discomfort other than sore muscles, stop what you are doing immediately.
Injury is NEVER worth it.
I'm going to stop doing this move all together for at least a month and check back in with it :)
Enough about that! Why did I name this post THIRSTY THURSDAY?
This isn't a post about alcohol or parties. It's about my favorite drink.
Here's a quick quiz for ya!
1. When you have a headache what is the first thing you should do?
    a. drink caffeine
    b. take a Tylenol
    c. drink a tall glass of cold water
    d. take a nap
2. When you feel/look bloated what should you do?
   a. wear baggy clothes to hide it.
   b. drink tons of water.
   c. bitch and moan about how "fat" you look.
   d. drink caffeine to make you pee
3. What should you do when your lips are chapped and cracking?
   a. put on chap stick
   b. lick your lips
   c. drink lots of water
4. When you're feeling tired and sluggish?
a. take a long nap
b. complain about being tired.
c. drink caffeine.
d. drink water and eat fresh fruit.
5. When your feet and hands are cold?
a. wear thicker socks/gloves
b. turn up the heat
c. drink a cup of coffee
d. drink water and do a low intensity workout
I bet you scored 100% :)
Number One - One of the top causes for headaches is dehydration. We all know the proper way to hydrate is to drink water. I know, I've heard that caffeine clears headaches, but that is false (unless you're a coffee junky, trying to rid yourself of your addiction). Caffeinated beverages dehydrate you only making the headache worse! Next step is to get rest. :)
Number Two - Being bloated sucks! So if you spent your weekend chugging beers and alcohols then you'll probably be nurturing a pretty nasty hangover and dealing with your tummy fluff. Or if you're getting your monthly visit from Aunt Rosie... Drink lots of water. It flushes your system of impurities. :)
Number Three - Drink water. Period. Chap stick can actual dry your lips out worse, if not constantly applied. Water is the only sure thing used to hydrate your soup coolers. :)
Number Four - Yesterday I was awful at my water drinking, and the entire day I was sluggish, tired, and cranky. Today on the other hand I feel great and I've already drank over 70 ounces of water. If water just isn't doing it for you, eat some fresh fruit. It has natural sugars in it that give you lasting energy.
Number Five - Your ENTIRE body needs water. We are 70% made up of the stuff right?! Your circulatory system really needs it. You have to be hydrated for your body to work at 100% and that requires your blood to be flowing cleanly and without all the harmful things that we can pick up from pop and other artificial beverages. If after a ton of water, your feet and hands are still cold, do 5-10 jumping jacks. It'll jump start your heart a bit and get your blood flowing to the tips of your toes and fingers. :)
Drink water. Water. Water. and more WATER!!!
It's the BEST hydrator. It's zero calories, and it keeps your body looking and feeling great. It's important to our everyday life and survival.
I want to finish up by sharing my non-scale gains. Since I still am at 162.  :)
Changed my eating habits.
5 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones and 2-3 small snacks.
More definition immediately!
My inner thighs don't touch (when my feet are hip width apart). First time EVER!  
I feel full throughout the day.
I have less cravings.
Started chewing gum a lot and keeping on top of my water intake.
I have dimples now on both sides of my face, never has that ever happened before!
I'm happier throughtout the day and accomplish more!
In the words of the Special K Challenge... What will you gain when you lose?
And Nike... Just Do It.
Happy Thirsty Thursday!